Can I use my oven straight after you have finished cleaning it ?

yes, because we use a totally eco-friendly process to clean the complete oven, there is no smell, taste or fumes. So you can switch on and cook with peace of mind straight away.

  My oven smokes every time I switch it on, can you do anything about this?

The smoking will stop when we have cleaned your oven. In a majority of cases the smoking is caused by burnt on carbon and grease, particularly where an oven also has an integrated grill built in. We clean the interior of the oven and also get in between the grill element above where fat/grease can build up and cause smoking when re heated.

  I have spilt something in between the glass of my oven door and I can’t clean it, can you get to this area to clean it?

Yes, this is included within the clean, our operative will remove the door and open up the door panels getting to and exposing all sides of the door and glass within it.

  I have self-cleaning sides in my oven, so they won’t need cleaning?

 Self-cleaning sides should be cleaned, these side panels have pores which trap and hold onto grease until burnt off.  Self-cleaning oven owners should switch these ovens on at a very high temperature, for long periods of time, to allow the grease to burn off.   We do not need to do this with our process of cleaning. Our procedure allows us to gently clean these panels, without scouring or using abrasive solutions, thus avoiding damage to the delicate surface.  This will unclog the pores and leave the panels clean again.

  I have a small baby and worry about fumes and chemicals being used in my kitchen and on my oven and appliances

 The process we use is completely eco-friendly.  We DO NOT use chemicals to clean with. Our technique relies on using the heat of the oven itself, and our own hot bath in our van is made up of clean hot water for each client.  We do not use the ‘dip tank’ system, which relies on one bath for multiple clients.  Our solutions are non-toxic, friendly to the environment, biodegradable, aquatic friendly and fume free, so even when disposed of, no harm will come to our environment at large.

  I have just had a new kitchen put in and am worried about the amount of mess you will make when cleaning

 Our method of cleaning does not create a mess in the kitchen. We lay down protective sheets and only use the area directly in front of the oven, where the operative will kneel to get to the oven; we do not use your sink for cleaning or have the need to use kitchen surfaces.  Our process is eco-friendly quick and efficient, the only signs of us having visited, is your sparkling clean oven, hob, extractor and or microwave  when we leave.

  I have asthma, and am worried about having my oven cleaned, how safe is it?

 We are proud to use a completely eco-friendly process. There are no toxic solutions or sprays, so fumes are not created.  Our solutions are non-toxic, friendly to the environment, biodegradable, aquatic friendly and fume free, so even when disposed of provide  no harm to our environment

  Does the oven have to be working for you to clean it?

 As we do not rely on harsh solutions, we do need to switch the oven on and heat it up to aid the cleaning process. We can also carry out a ‘cold’ clean, the finished results of this are very similar to ovens assisted by heat, but may take a little longer to clean. 'Cold' cleans are useful for stand alone appliances or ovens in storage or for selling on.

  The door on my oven doesn’t open or shut properly, can you fix it?

 Yes, in most cases when we clean an oven, we take the door off to get in between layers of glass.  When finished we re-fit and slot a door back into position, which may help a door previously loose or incorrectly fitted. In some cases we can order and fit new hinges which is the second most common cause of a doors not shutting correctly.

  Does the cost depend on how dirty the oven is?

 No, it is a set price no matter how dirty you think the appliance is.  We enjoy a challenge!!

  Is the work you do guaranteed?

 Yes, we have full insurances in place to cover our operatives whilst on your premises and whilst working on your appliances.  All our workmanship as well as any parts provided by us are also guaranteed.

  My oven is not heating up, can you help?

 Yes, our operative will inspect the appliance before cleaning, any problems will be pointed out and if you require a repair or parts replacing, this can also be done by the operative, saving you on call out charges for repairs.

  The bulb in my appliance has blown can you change it?

 Yes, this can be done whilst the operative is cleaning the appliance, we provide all sorts of bulbs which can be purchased for extractor hoods and ovens and our operative will fit for free.  Just ask.

  Do you steam clean the oven?

 No, we do not steam clean ovens.  Our technique over the past nine years has proven to be the most successful and safest way to eco-clean an oven to a professional standard. It is non-caustic, non-toxic, and a totally safe process

  My oven seal has become loose and is about to break, do you provide new seals?

 Yes we do.  It is important to have a correctly  tight fitted seal as this keeps heat inside the oven and at the correct temperature.  It also protects the oven surround from damage caused by escaping heat  through a damaged or broken seal.  We can provide seals at very reasonable prices, and if the operative has cleaned your oven, fitting will be free.

  How long have you been cleaning ovens?

 We were the very first company to set up an eco-oven cleaning service in wales.  Our experiance has been developed since 2003 and we have thousands of satisfied customers returning regularly to have a fantastically clean appliances in their kitchen.

  I have used your service and was so pleased I would like to provide the service as a gift, do you do gift cards?

 Yes, we have a voucher service.  if your gift recipient is in an area we service, we would be more then happy to provide a gift certificate to them with your personalised message, payment can be by post or debit card, for further details please contact us.

  What is included in the price you quote for my oven to be eco-cleaned?

 The price you are quoted includes our operative inspecting the appliance first, to ensure all is in working order.  (If you require a repaire or spares, this will be pointed out to you. You may want us to deal with any of these issues, which we are also able to do at an additional quoted price).  The operative will clean the whole of the inside of the oven, including all stainless steel shelving and stainless steel racking.  The door will be cleaned inside and out and where necessary in between layers of glass.  When finished the whole appliance is polished to give it a shine. Any non-stick or enamel trays, such as roasting trays are not included, We do not clean non-stick trays as they scratch, but can clean enamel trays for an extra small cost. Appliances such as hobs, extractor fans, microwaves and BBQ's are all additional and can be booked when booking your oven to be cleaned.

  Can I choose an appointment date and time?

Yes.  We run a flexible diary.  So you can choose the day you would like us to visit and we also have 2 hour time slots, so you can choose a time to suit you on the day too.  You can also book your appointment on-line for convenience, and we will confirm all details via email or telephone, which ever you choose.

  Do you clean extractor hoods?

 Yes, we can clean additional appliances, such as extractor hoods, hobs, microwaves etc. when we are eco-cleaning your oven. These appliances are charged in addition and cheaper to clean whilst we are cleaning your oven. If you should require us to attend to clean your extractor without booking for your oven at the same time, this will be more costly, so always remember to add additional items, such as extractor hoods, hobs, microwaves and BBQ,s when booking your oven to be eco-cleaned, this will be much cheaper.

  How often should I have my oven cleaned?

 Most of our customers who use there oven frequently have re-cleans every 3 to 6 months.  Those who use the appliance less frequently book to re clean once a year.  You can request a non-obligatory call back reminder service, at any chosen interval, and we will call to see if you require a clean and it’s an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about your appliance and its maintenance

  How long does it take to clean an oven?

 An average oven can take anything from an hour to two hours to eco-clean.

  Do I have to stay in all morning or afternoon on my appointment day?

 No.  We provide flexible appointments.  You can choose the day and the hours you are available for us to attend.  We provide 2 hour appointment slots so you can get on with your day -  we also provide instant on-line booking to help you fit us around your diary.

  Can you repair my oven?

 yes, we can diagnose faults and problems on site and provide you with details of repairs, parts or spares and can arrange to have works carried out at your convenience.